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Welcome to Fellowship Talks, your weekly connection to the life and mission of Fellowship Bible Church, located in central Arkansas. It is our desire that this podcast will reinforce your worship on Sunday and encourage you as you live for Christ each week. Listen as Dan and Amy talk with the people of Fellowship about what God is doing around our church.

Jun 24, 2020

Today, Amy and Dan sit down with Amy Moore. Amy Moore serves as Special Needs Pastor and leads Embrace Special Needs Ministry. They focus on kids with special needs from birth to 21 years. Listen as Amy shares about this special piece of Fellowship Bible Church.

Feel free to reach out to Amy at Also look for Embrace Special Needs Ministry on Instagram and Facebook.

Fellowship is one church with five campuses in Central Arkansas – United by vision and teaching to make disciples for Jesus. Want to know more about Fellowship Bible Church?

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Special thanks to:

Brittney Garland for giving voice to the podcast’s introduction and conclusion.

Dave Younkman for serving as our recording engineer.

Fellowship Music for lending the use of their song “Great is the Lord.”

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