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Welcome to Fellowship Talks, your weekly connection to the life and mission of Fellowship Bible Church, located in central Arkansas. It is our desire that this podcast will reinforce your worship on Sunday and encourage you as you live for Christ each week. Listen as Dan and Amy talk with the people of Fellowship about what God is doing around our church.

Jan 22, 2020

Michael and Hannan serve with Fellowship in China. Michael is a student studying Mandarin and Hannah is at home raising their two-year-old son Isaiah. They share some of the stories of their adventures in China and what they have seen God doing through the Chinese people.

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Jan 8, 2020

Linda Slaton attends Fellowship and has served on the WLR campus for many years. She sits down to share with us how and why she wrote a class for women called “Embracing Purpose.” Listen as Linda shares about this class and God has used it to take women into many different areas of ministry including the prison...