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Welcome to Fellowship Talks, your weekly connection to the life and mission of Fellowship Bible Church, located in central Arkansas. It is our desire that this podcast will reinforce your worship on Sunday and encourage you as you live for Christ each week. Listen as Dan and Amy talk with the people of Fellowship about what God is doing around our church.

May 30, 2018

Fellowship members, James and Callie Van Pelt, visit Fellowship Talks. They share their story of how God worked in their lives when they were in college. Listen as they share how they met, what dating looked like, and how God brought them to a place of surrender in their lives. James and Callie share what it was like to build boundaries into their relationship after coming to Christ. After getting married, they made Fellowship Little Rock their home, and now serve as D Group Leaders

James mentioned his work with Downline. Downline is a local ministry partner of Fellowship. Learn more here.

Thanks for listening to Fellowship Talks! Our goal is to infuse the mission and values of Fellowship into the daily life of each person at Fellowship by giving our church a midweek connection to the church.

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Special thanks to:

Michelle Younkman for giving voice to the podcast’s introduction and conclusion.

Dave Younkman for serving as our recording engineer.

We the Union for lending the use of their song “Alive in Us.”


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