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Welcome to Fellowship Talks, your weekly connection to the life and mission of Fellowship Bible Church, located in central Arkansas. It is our desire that this podcast will reinforce your worship on Sunday and encourage you as you live for Christ each week. Listen as Dan and Amy talk with the people of Fellowship about what God is doing around our church.

Nov 29, 2017

Dan and Amy sit down with Shelby Smith. Shelby works on Fellowship’s Little Rock campus as a Care Pastor. He has served on Fellowship’s staff for 18 years! Shelby came to a place where he realized he had become complacent when it came to race issues. God put it on his heart to start more conversations about race and encourage believers to step into positive, gospel conversations about differences in people. Our conversation begins by discussing Shelby’s Midweek D Group and some of the discussion that group has had around race issues.

Shelby mentioned studies by Tony Evans and John Piper. These videos can be viewed on RightNow Media. Every person who attends Fellowship is able to have access to RightNow Media. If you don’t have access and would like to have access, please email Dan Sheaffer at

Oneness Embraced with Tony Evans

Bloodlines by John Piper 

If you have more questions for Shelby and want to connect with him further, feel to reach out to him here.

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Thanks for listening to Fellowship Talks! Our goal is to infuse the mission and values of Fellowship into the daily life of each person at Fellowship by giving our church a midweek connection to the church.

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